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I am more than a little partial to lisa, probably because i like “well-seasoned” women. Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where pal is the standard video format. I loved the young girl, lolita, being seduced while in the hot tub. Lisa is the star: she has three great scenes and she closes the movie with easily the most convincingly authentic orgasm i have ever seen, which she receives from jo – this scene is also the stand-out best in a collection of almost uniformly stand-out five star scenes.

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3 lesbian odyssey pink velvet. The sex is much better all around, and the scenes have a good flow to them. You have a new fan! It is the most perfect scene. Lisa – if she would seduce me it would bring such joy (i can dream. It seems so intimate and playful, like real sex. Moreover, the viewer gets a whole mix of atmospheres with each scene, from the sensual beauty of lisa and lolita, lisa and sandy, or lisa and jo, to the near-gonzo style of the quickies enjoyed in the ella and sophie, ella and sandy, or sandra and eve scenes.

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