All men are assholes

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All of us men are assholes : tinder

You will continue to be the victim. That would have been the icing if you would have kept your cool without calling her any names. She will continue to assume one mind with her boyfriends: like they should know what she is thinking because, everyone knows that is the way things are done, etc. That is less “dodged a bullet” and more “sidestepped a cruise missile”. Men should be confident, in control of whatever situation they are in as well as always looking for way to better themselves and increase their status as an alpha male.

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All men are assholes. Different time and place, sure but all of them did it. You are generalizing feminists as bad people because they generalize. One day, you go to a friend and say, “all men are jerks. I would have taken a very different and much more entertaining/self-fulfilling route than you did. The only bad part about that is now she’s gonna go “this guy basically said i deserved to get raped”. She is seventeen’s sex and dating advice columnist, as well as an award-winning lecturer who speaks nationally. If he assumes power and uses others to his own advantage, however, people will know not to take him lightly and then he will be the only thing standing in front of his own success.

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More than one in three resent their partner for not earning enough to make that dream a reality. It de-escalates the conflict and opens the door to communication. To bring two parties to a place of better objectivity so they can see which part both of them played in the creating of the situation.

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