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Love the video – really well done. But, it’s always nice to learn how to avoid pitfalls before its too late, which is where filmmaker. It’s as if we share the same mind. You’re talking about a weeks-long movie shoot as a full time job, which you can’t pay your lead actor,” koo said. One small note – (i’m a proofreader by day, so i apologize for the nitpick) the title card (at 9:30) should read “too many pregnant pauses”, not “to”. Is awaiting a us home-video release date.

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Amateur film fisrt three. How many beginners visit a location more than once to plan scenes or do a saturday’s worth of test shots in preparation for the shoot? Pure repect for darious britt, i really admire your passion for sharing your own experiences with all of us and helping us to be on a more productive and safe path. Your current browser isn’t compatible with soundcloud. Although the footage about the empty bins appeared near the middle of the movie, i actually shot it on the second day. The pair find themselves on the run with a young mutant named laura (.


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I’ll have to see what i can do when i get time jason. Thanks for the post and in case we meet in the future, the beer is on me :).

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