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I prefer the term “artificial person” myself. Our parents and teachers used to say this to us, for example. Seventeen *days*? hey man, i don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last seventeen hours! those things are gonna come in here just like they did before. Looks like the new lieutenant’s too good to eat with the rest of us grunts. This isn’t a normal phrase in english.

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Close up of assholes and elbows. What would be more interesting is to have a question on “assholes and elbows” from the same movie, and that also passed into general use very quickly too. Is aerospace parlance meaning within or conforming to the designed (‘named’) value for that particular parameter. Well, there goes our salvage, guys. Get back to operations! it’s game time. Then you’re not reading *it* right.


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Vwap! fry half a city with this puppy. What do i do? To buy/give/get a pig in a poke = to sell or get less than what a person bargained for (from the middle ages when meat was scarce and people were tricked thinking they were buying pork in a poke (bag) but it was sog or cat or soemthing).

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