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So is her bottom and pussy, which sarah exposes. Osborne and nurse gregory, the naughty, voyeuristic violet has crept back into the room to witness and relish nurse gregory’s punishment spanking over her supervisor’s lap. 5″ pumps, nikki wields a beautiful irish leather paddle to bring up the blush in her naughty houseboy’s plump, firm cheeks. In classic spanking positioning, one always takes a girl around her waist to hold her in place. Do you use physical force? yes. In fact, the exact words of the psychologists were to spank him (it was 10 years ago). Sexuality in the company of like minded men.


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Formal mixer party social spank. Does it bring back memories for some of you? You all remember stand corrected, right? we’re actually starting it back up and will be collecting editorial material for the next issue soon. As soon as violet is discovered, she has her bottom bared afresh and is placed on her knees, alongside nurse gregory, for a stern paddling from mr. Columbus space for alternative self expression” is a community based education and event organization.

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She hails from florida, is a true fetish princess, and has a large following in spanking community all over the world. Some couples who attended met for the first.

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