I shave my legs i sit down to pee


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I have been suffering from minor stress incontinence almost all my life, but lately i seem to have progressed to losing large volumes of urine over the past year. We’re contending with all these weird contours and a whole other set of lips. I can drink much as much as i want to but when the “urge” hits it is a race to see if i can make the toilet. There is also an area midline front shin left side that is hypersensitive. Yay, someone got the reference! that seriously just made me unreasonably happy, and at a time when i really needed a pick-me-up, so thank you. Non-stop shit like “only girls do that”, “boys stand when they pee”, “your never going to be a man if you sit down”.


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Urinary incontinence | types of urinary incontinence and why it happensDid anyone else pee sitting down their whole lives only to realize theyre mtf later? or for ftm jealous of ppl who could stand and pee? : asktransgender13 problems men have with their balls


I shave my legs i sit down to pee. What medications can i be on. I felt like i was reading about myself (minus the un-cultered estetician. Although i don’t wet myself often, i always need to got to the toilet. Now that i am out, i sit down all the time, at home or outside. They were like “it’s so weird how you always have to poop so much” lol.

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You can but it will itch like crazy when it starts to grow back so you might need to keep some anti-itch lotion, cream or even jock itch spray on hand to spray down there when it does. I am very scared to tell anyone, out of embarresment, espescially my parents or doctor.

I shave my legs, i sit down to pee,Do brazilian bikini waxes make you pee funny?Girls poem:The irony of trying to pee straight after a brazilian bikini waxCould peeing sitting down help your sex life? | muscle & fitness

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