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Eage-eyed fans can see on the video the twins began rapidly tapping their hands over each others as the crowd gives them a round of applause for their sartorial efforts. At 21, she is a remarkably clear and focused executive, not at all the type to be talked into things, particularly when they involve public appearances. Cue the skeptics: in a new york times article last june, designer phillip lim implied there was something unfair about celebrities like ashley and mary-kate getting into the contemporary market, making it that much harder for “real” designers who lack their fame and resources. So it’s just like this: clamp, hold, release.


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Hg: what are some of the hair products that you always have to have in your kit?

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Olsen twins having sex. Pretty much all the other former cast members will be returning in some capacity for the tv sequel. The authorities have now obtained a subpoena that could force 22-year-old olsen to appear before a grand jury, should further negotiations with her lawyer fail. It’s gonna get sappy up in here. If we’re talking about another photo shoot, i’m out,” she says, playing with her rings-a diamond-studded silver skull and the fred leighton wedding ring from the movie marie antoinette that she wears on her index finger, a birthday gift from mary-kate. I would have filmed myself doing what i’m about to describe to you, but i don’t have roommates or a boyfriend or anything like that, and all the dudes i know who would be willing to come over and help me out would probably expect to be paid in sex. This one is from the photobooth thing on my computer. In new york minute mary-kate plays a laidback drummer, while ashley stars as a somewhat improbable ambitious young republican.


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Ashley’s having a very rough time right now. They are an aspirational symbol for millions of children,’ said professor robert thompson, a popular culture expert at syracuse university. And she’s often moody.

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