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Girl talk: how to pee in the backcountry | rei co-op journal

Ima say pure shock. With, of course, white panties. When i got peed on by straight guys. Please wait while you are being authenticated. Now anyone who has ever used a thai toilet will realize that it can be very intimidating if never seen before. Pre-drank a mickey of cmo spice in under an hour.


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Potty training fail

A literal pissing contest: your best stories about peeing, shitting, and vomiting in public11 stories of bathroom emergencies that will make you sympathy clenchReddit, what is your best i had to pee so bad story? : askreddit

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Peeing in bathtub stories. And for the accompanying interview he just went over and chilled out at the magazine’s writer’s place for lunch. I was now ready. I had to mop the whole bathroom at 2 a. I was horrified as she left the room with the door still open. You won’t tell anybody?” she whispered. I was taking the last test, science, and i was pretty confident i would do well as i always do in science or math.


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Labour blues

I come up to the side of the bed and he takes my arm in the way that i know he might take my arm and lead me to the bathroom when we are old. This username or email is associated with a facebook account.

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