Shit dripping anal


I can not poop, bleeding out my anus?

Anal leakage can affect men and women, particularly women after childbirth. I have had this problem since i was a kid. I’ve had a lasting aching pain in my anus for nearly 3 years now. Had a bath last night and it throbbed. None of the painkiller give any relief. I really happy to finally get a name for the condition. This can be triggered by various things but where you see the blood can give us a clue about what is going on.

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Anal painAnal leakage (leaky anus): causes, symptoms and effective treatment

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Shit dripping anal. Been getting it more often now. I occasionally go poop 3 times a week sometimes less than that i know i should go every day but i’ve had this problem since i was a little kid. Hi i have had this pain in my bum for about 3 weeks. All the best, everyone, i just had to come back and share what i’ve learnt. I recently noticed a spasm or twinge around my anal sphincter particularly whilst sitting or lying on my back. I stopped taking my lowwer back pain tablets months ago and then i started to have this pain i have been telling you about,so i started to take it again about 2wks ago i tell you wot i think through taking them again i,ts done a lot of help plus i,m eating branflakes,fruit not that i don,t eat fruit,wholemeal bread and water.


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I dont have piles, it is more painful than that im sure of it! Also do not hold it in.

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