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She’s three for gods sake yet you expect her to be nice and quiet and play nice because you are both studying! she is obviously crying out for attention and you wonder ‘why she doesn’t get it when she’s been in trouble for doing the same thing’. At the moment she’ll do anything – even risk a beating – for attention, the poor poor child. For about three days. Spanking is usually the last resort for most parents, who may have tried every other option they knew for correcting the inappropriate behavior. Using physical force against your child may constitute assault, battery, child abuse, or domestic violence when: Com and “there for you” are service marks or registered service marks of care. I am very luck that my kids are pretty well-behaved.


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Spanking spank calculator. When i was 12, i grabbed the belt from my father’s hands and told him if he ever hit me again i would use his belt to strangle him. My son is 15 and i have never spanked or hit him. I got up at this point because his anger was so strong i had an uneasiness in my stomach. He was quiet and broad-shouldered. One mother testifies, “my kids have always responded well to time-outs, small losses of privileges, redirection in preschool, and grounding and loss of privilege when they got older.

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I was finishing up my exam and my husband was playing computer games so we did not know until she came out with sharpie on her skin. And, spanking easily does that and more to the child. And it isn’t really clear that this was child abuse.

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